Hello, human being!

Welcome to the official page of Latvian artist I MEAN LOVE (Raiens Saubergs).

I MEAN LOVE's sound is a mix of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Electronic music genres, creating a unique vibe that is unrepeatable.

I MEAN LOVE was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1995 but spent his childhood days in the city of Jelgava. At the age of 10, he moved to Riga, which he has called his home ever since.


 His first appearance on the music scene was back in 2016 with a Soundcloud upload titled "untitled," which later got extended and remastered for his debut album "The Secret" (2017) and is now found under the name "Lov of Attraction."

The following year, I MEAN LOVE released another album in English, "Spiritual Wellness" (2018). Both of his first two projects were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dirty Deal Audio studio by ansis.

After a year without a project, I MEAN LOVE came back with his first album in his native Latvian tongue titled "SPĒLE" (2020). The project has 19 songs, including one of the listeners' all-time favorites, "Rotas." "SPĒLE" was recorded at Lessij's home studio in Baltezers and mixed and mastered by Lessijs as well.

The next year, the musician followed with his second Latvian project, "9" (2021). It has been his most successful project so far, containing hits like "Slazdu Laiki," "6," and his most popular jam, "Nezināma Vieta." This was his first collaboration with engineer Krish (formerly REFLX), and they've worked together ever since.

2024 is expected to be a very good year because of the project he and Krish have worked on since 2021/2022, titled "Rīta Saule." It is promised to be released in early summer '24.